Who is “right”? Copyrights & SUISA
Who is “right”? Copyrights & SUISA

Who is “right”? Copyrights & SUISA

Who is “right”?

Copyrights and SUISA

SUISA: Mediator between authors, publishers and music users

SUISA mediates between authors, publishers and music users such as concert organizers, television and radio broadcasters or online platforms and negotiates appropriate tariffs with user associations that determine how much money has to be paid to artists for the use of music.
As a cooperative society of authors and publishers of music in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, SUISA manages the rights of over 36,000 composers, lyricists and music publishers in those two countries.

Giorgio Tebaldi, Head of Communication SUISA explains:

For you as a musician:
“I perform other people’s pieces”At every concert that takes place outside the private sphere, the organiser is obliged to complete a list of the pieces played or arrange for the musician to complete it and pass it on to SUISA. However, the organiser, not the musician, always bears the copyright costs. Exception: the musician organizes the concert by himself.

For you as event organizer: “Music will be played at my event”

If you are organizing an event that firstly takes place outside the private sphere and secondly music will be played, you need a license. You register your event with SUISA and receive a licence to use music. At a concert, for example, you report to SUISA which works have been performed. SUISA bills you on behalf of the authors and publishers, collects the money and distributes it to the authors and publishers whose works were used at the concert.

For you as a composer:
“others play my pieces”As a composer, you will at some point ask yourself whether you should become a member of SUISA. The answer: yes – if your music is used. In other words: SUISA membership makes sense if your works are performed at concerts, broadcast on television or radio, or reproduced on audio carriers. Out of every 100 francs collected, SUISA distributes 88 francs to the composers, authors of texts and publishers of music.

Become a member – uncomplicated via online application form
SUISA membership is therefore worthwhile for authors or publishers whose works are performed or broadcasted, for example. Another plus: SUISA also offers its members social and cultural benefits. You can become a member online via an application form. Detailed information on SUISA membership is available at www.suisa.ch/mitglieder.