Tools, apps and resources for musicians on the Internet
Tools, apps and resources for musicians on the Internet

Tools, apps and resources for musicians on the Internet

The best tools, apps and resources for musicians on the Internet

With the increasing computing power of servers and private computers, there are more and more online apps and web tools that already work in the browser like “real” software. We have put together an extensive collection of great “helpers” for you on the Internet:

Scores on Paper

Notenpapier Generator & Notenpapier Generator 2 Here you can create a copy template for score paper (pdf) An automated tool for creating parts from scores Funny Score Generator Choose among other things key and score values and generate a new piece with a click

Score music on e-Paper

MuseScore OpenSorce-WebApp for music notation (free, for Firefox and other browsers).

MuseScore Songbook Web music notation collection by MuseScore users (free, also for iOS or Android)

NotationPad Online-Notation for iOS and Android

Sibelius First Downloadable – up to 4 instrumental voices free (Avid account required)

Finale NotePad Downloadable – anyone can open, listen to, edit and print your Finale files even if they don’t own the full version of Finale (free, for Windows & Mac)

From paper score music to digital score music

This is possible with the following OMR (Optical Music Recognition) apps. After scanning, simply export as MIDI or Music XML and continue editing in your notation software

SmartScore NoteReader The full version costs CHF 10 and allows you to export SmartScore, MIDI, MusicXML and image files to any email address or to the cloud

PlayScore2 Requires a subscription (CHF 5.50/month) to export files as XML For  iOS or Android

Notation Scanner Music OCR Sheet music scan app

Sheet Music Scanner Other sheet music scan app

Music Production

Audio Tools

Audio Cutter Cutting tool

Audio Converter Conversion tool

Audio Joiner  Glue together single audio snippets

Time Stretcher This free online timing tool lets you change the tempo of audio files (MP3 or WAV format) without affecting the pitch

Pitch Shifter Free web app that lets you change the pitch of an audio file without changing the tempo

Free Audio Software

Audacity Freeware for download

WavePad Freeware for Download (Mac only)

Podium Freeware (for Download) Browser-based audio editor (free for mono files up to 5 min)

Production studio

AudioTool Free online production studio web app. Registration is required, but it’s worth it (unfortunately it doesn’t work in Safari, but in Firefox and Chrome)

AudioSauna Free online production studio web app

Online Sequencer Free sequencer web app with MIDI export. Choose from 13 instruments to compose a melody

Kiki Cutting & Sampling

Probe Sample editor by Audiotool

Web Audio Synthesizer Cool synth Also cool synths

Tanguy Another cool synth

Websid Commodore 64 Synth and some drum Patterns – works only in Chrome

Efllux Efllux The new project from – Works only in Chrome Has nice visuals!

Drum Machine

PatternSketch is a free, web-based drum machine Acid Machine

JS-909 Great Drum Machine

Ronwinter Another great Drum Machine

Rhythm Composer

And another great Drum Machine

Online Instruments

Versil Studios Virtual Instruments

Virtaul Playing Orchestra

juno-106.js Roland Juno 106 emulation with MIDI Chrome support


Nasa Audio Collection

Sound Generators

Defonic Background noise generator for working or relaxing

Online Tone Generator

Text To Speech Write text and export it as mp3-Audio

Typatone Turns every letter into a wonderful sound

Musiker Backoffice

Offer template (de) by subito mf

Help sheets for the tax return by subito mf

Imprint Generator

Privacy Policy Generator

Newsletters by Mailchimp – up to 5000 subscribers for free! Free without subscribers limit and up to 6000 mails per month (200 per day)

Instrumental lessons

Lesson Planner Timetable planning app for instrumental lessons that even takes into account the students’ time slots (!!!) The history of popular music genres from their origins to the present

Excercises Music Theory

CircleOfFifths Circle of Fifths

Just for Fun

Kinder Musikquiz Do you or your students like to play quizzes? Here you can test your knowledge

Opernquiz 11

opera titles described with emojis – Can you guess the opera? (in English)


Canva with the free version you can create logos, CD covers and much more Also possible to work directly in the WebApp

Hipster Logo Generator Simple web-based logo generator. Also works for simple covers

Free Album Cover Maker


TinyPNG images compress without loss of quality

Image Collection

Pablo Also for editing images e.g. for social media







Online Video Cutter

Video Converter


Free alternative for After Effects


BuyMeACoffee Tips, Spenden, Memberships, Kleiner “Shop”

General – Productivity

Dropbox Your documents at your fingertips from anywhere or to share

Trello Projects or Tasks organize, prioritize and complete

Google Keep Digital Post-it

Libre Office Free “Office”

Online PDF Tools Share, merge, compress, convert to Word file etc.

Google Alerts Do you want to be informed when something new about your instrument is reported on Google? Create a Google Alert!

Google Trends What we are currently looking for on Google and where?