Sheet music from the Internet! How What Where? (Part 3)
Sheet music from the Internet! How What Where? (Part 3)

Sheet music from the Internet! How What Where? (Part 3)

The Internet is full of interesting things; for example, many sheet music, even non-saleable ones! But where and how can you find them?

Search sheet music with Google?

In Google, you can search more precisely using the abbreviation site:

  1. Suchen innerhalb einer bestimmten Website:
    Search within a specific website:
    For example, to search for the term Ode to Joy on the site, enter the following in the Google search field -> Ode to Joy
  2. Search within a specific type of website:
    To search for Ode to Joy only within the website type with for example the ending .edu, enter the following into the Google search box -> site:edu Ode to Joy
  3. Search by file type
    filetype:  plus the three-letter file extension (suffix) to the request. For example filetype:PDF Ode to Joy, if I only want to find PDFs for Ode to Joy. (List of file types supported by Google search)
  4. Special characters for an optimal search
    “…” (quotation marks) to search for an exact phrase. For example: “Ode to joy”.

    * (asterisk) The placeholder to replace unknown text parts. Useful if you know the title only partially. For example: * to the joy

    (Minus) With a minus you can exclude terms. The following example finds websites that contain the words “Ode to Joy” but not the word “Symphony”: Ode to Joy – Symphony

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