for the financing of a study program

The financing of a study program can be a great challenge and is one of the most important questions that should be clarified before beginning the study program.

In principle, parents are responsible for the financing of initial vocational training (vocational training, studies / training according to grammar school and specialized high school diploma) (according to ZGB, Art. 276 and 277). But what if the parents are not able to meet the required maintenance obligation due to insufficient financial means?

Cantonal scholarships (for Swiss citizens, usually at Swiss universities)

In Switzerland, the scholarship system is regulated by the cantons. According to the Bologna-guidelines Art. 1 al. 2 both Bachelor and Master studies should be eligible for scholarships.

Canton & Scholarship Office

Federal Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Researchers and Artistse

Art students who are planning their first master’s degree in Switzerland can apply for an art scholarship at the master’s level, which is available at all Swiss conservatories and art academies. This scholarship offer applies to students from a limited number of countries.

The scholarship announcement for the academic year 2020-2021 will be online from August 2019

Private Foundations

  • Scholarships for gifted young people between the ages of 15 and 30 to facilitate or achieve an academic or artistic education The education must be completed before the age of 30. The training must take place at a state recognized university.
  • Requests: Only submit in writing and with reasons, enclosing copies of certificates.
  • It provides one-time scholarships for students who are pursuing a consecutive Master’s degree at a Swiss university of applied sciences. Scholarship holders achieve above-average results in their subject and also show social commitment.
  • Students are supported with a maximum scholarship of CHF 10’000. As a rule, however, the scholarship amount is CHF 5,000. The Hirschmann Foundation awards approximately 40 – 50 scholarships per year.
  • The purpose of the foundation is the financial support of talented young musicians.  This purpose shall be achieved in the following way:
  • a) By helping to finance study costs, expenses for tuition and living expenses for the duration of the training.
  • b) By making public appearances possible.
  • c) Through the awarding of sponsorship prizes.

Other financing options