Music rooms for practicing, rehearsing, teaching
Music rooms for practicing, rehearsing, teaching

Music rooms for practicing, rehearsing, teaching


Music rooms for practicing, rehearsing, teaching

New since this summer in the Notenloft in Zurich Oerlikon: by the hour, flexible, rentable online

In the Zurich area, flexibly rentable, high-quality practice and teaching rooms for musicians are in short supply. More and more people are living in confined spaces; house rules strictly dictate if and when music may be played. This makes it difficult for many musicians* to practice at home. Some practice less than they want, others practice with a bad conscience or not at all. If you want to give music lessons privately, you should be happy if you find a room that can be rented permanently. If you only want to teach a smaller workload, or at different locations, this is often not worthwhile.

This is why Brigitte Nanz and Cosima Bigger, both enthusiastic amateur musicians, have been providing Oerlikon with their music loft in Zurich Oerlikon since mid-June 2020, providing flexibly rentable, professional practice and teaching rooms for musicians. The new all-round carefree package includes:

  • 7 rooms from 5m2 to 16m2 for one to six people
  • With daylight, active ventilation and high-quality interior acoustics
  • Two rooms with piano, one room with drum set
  • Flexible and uncomplicated online booking for the desired period, possible from 30 minutes
  • Cosy, bright lounge area with drinks and snacks
  • Always a contact person on site
  • Tools to comply with the Covid-19 protection regulations

The rooms are suitable for teachers and musicians* of all styles. Whether as a single person for practicing, in a duet, trio, in small groups or for workshops and lessons. Many things are possible

The rooms can be booked on the web page directly over the reservation tool starting from 30 minutes in the quarter hourly cycle. This allows the greatest flexibility and the rooms are rented when they are used effectively. The appropriate basic equipment includes music stands, chairs and storage space. So, there is nothing to carry except your own instrument and sheet music.

A comfortable lounge area with snacks and drinks for breaks and for exchange before and after making music completes the offer. If you have any questions or concerns, there is always a contact person on site, so there is no need to organize the handing over of keys and cleanliness is also taken care of.

All information and details can be found on the website If you don’t want to apply for a login right at the beginning, you can book appointments to get to know each other and try it out via the form on the website, by phone, or by e-mail. 

We look forward to seeing you!

Brigitte Nanz, Cosima Bigger