The Agency

The Agency

FirstClassMusic was founded in 2013 with the aim of bringing competent advice, creative musical concepts and first-class artistic performance to a demanding clientele.

We know what we are doing

Due to the different backgrounds, our team has the ideal composition for a modern agency.

We convey the best quality

In our file are exclusively professional musicians with great experience and excellent reputation.

We draw from the full

We mediate around 150 ensembles from solo to chamber orchestra in various musical genres.

We love music

The goal is not the satisfaction of our customers – it is their enthusiasm.

We are extremely flexible

Our main focus is on classical music and jazz. We are also happy to offer other music genres such as gospel, Swiss folk music or world music on request.

We advise you personally

and offer you tailor-made solutions for the musical design of your event.

What we offer

Classical music for events

Jazz music for events

Gospel, Swiss folk music or world music

From solo to orchestra

Creative musical concepts

Why choose us

FirstClassMusic GmbH is a licensed artist agency and works in accordance with the Employment Agency Act (AVG)

Our artist file is handpicked and the exclusive seats in the FirstClassMusic index are very popular with musicians. We place the highest demands on our artists and are proud to offer our customers first-class quality that is unique in Switzerland.

We are open to the implementation of new concepts and able to meet every wish of our demanding customers.


Elena González Arias
Managing Director
Mediation Classic

Elena González Arias – Managing Director / Classical Music

The expert in the field of classical music and concert music.

As a successful oboist, she has an excellent network in the Swiss concert music scene.

Klassische Msuik 100%
Jazz und Pop 67%
Weitere Sparten 51%
Events 83%
Management 81%
Netzwerk 93%

David Athanassoglou – Contact person for Jazz mediation

David Athanassoglou – Contact / Mediation Jazz

The expert in the field of jazz and pop.

He was active for many years as a professional musician in the jazz and folk scene and can rely on a very broad network.

Klassische Msuik 56%
Jazz und Pop 100%
Weitere Sparten 91%
Events 100%
Management 100%
Netzwerk 61%

Xenia Athanassoglou
Strategy / Finance

Xenia Athanassoglou – Strategy / Finance

The expert in the strategic field. With her entrepreneurial background, she forms the backbone of FirstClassMusic.

Klassische Msuik 15%
Jazz und Pop 25%
Weitere Sparten 25%
Events 83%
Management 100%
Netzwerk 100%